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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Violence In Hip Hop

When will the violence in hip hop stop? That's the question I am waiting to be answered as two men were shot, one fatally, outside a club in New York after a party hosted by Ja Rule. Apparently, the two men shot have links to Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff, the alleged front man for Irv Gotti and The Inc.

There are now reports surfacing that McGriff ordered the hit on 50 Cent's mother when he was just a child. That is where the "beef" between G-Unit and The Inc. allegedly stems from. Obviously, I can't confirm that, therefore, I'll leave that in the rumor mill. Anyway, rap/ hip hop has taken an ugly black eye as of late with the string of violence that has been going on between artists', their entortages, and fans that want to test these rappers street cred. Eminem has recently addressed these issues in a cut called "Toy Soldiers" off his new album Encore. Em has even hinted at squashing the Shady/ Aftermath beefs with the Source, Ja Rule, Royce Da 5'9, and others. Lets hope that he is sincere and that others at least listen to his plea. I'm tired of giving people like the hip hop police reasons to trail our favorite artist and subsequently tarnish their images. It's '05 yall, lets humble ourselves and stop the violence!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Is The Game For Real

Being from Los Angeles (Now residing in the ATL), I get a lot of questions in regards to G-Unit member and Shady/ Aftermath artist Game. As stated, being from the City of Angels, I am privvy to lots of information that others may or may not know. But in a recent article at, Game put mostly all of his business in the air. For weeks, he has been the butt of jokes about him being on the game show Change of Heart, that he rocked a tongue ring on that show, he used to be a male stripper, and that he didn't actually start banging until several years removed from high school, which in L.A. really doesn't give you that much street cred when you start banging after the age of 18.

Another thing that I get when the issue of Game comes up is that other than him screaming Compton every other bar, people still tend to think he is from New York. I mean when people say Young Buck, there's no doubt that people know he is from the South. On the other hand, there are many people that think Game is from the East Coast because of his braggadocios/ metaphorically laced flow. Yes he reps the red rags to the fullest, but then again so does Harlemite Jim Jones, who featured Game on the Eazy E influenced "Certified Gangstas". There's no doubt that as an artist, Game can hold his own, although I happen to think that sometimes he tries too hard to be a pure MC. Some of his bars seem rushed/ or cluttered at times. I know he said he studied the greats and rolled them all into one, and I can tell that's exactly what he did. His good moments are great and his bad moments make you wonder why 50, Dre, and Em hype this kid up.

The album which was originally supposed to be titled "N.W.A. Vol. I" has now been changed to the "Documentary" and is slated for a January 18th release date. Time will tell if the young man that just started rapping three years ago will come and take the hip hop world by storm, much the same way that his G-Unit homies have done over the last two years. His story is eerily similar to 50 Cent's story, and he is receiving the same type of hype 50 received as 2002 was coming to an end. Now it's 2004 coming to an end, and the most anticipated album to bring in 2005 is The Game's "Documentary". A lot of people want to see him fail, just so they can say that the West Coast hip-hop movement is officially dead, while others want to see him blow so they can say I told you so. Me personally, I want to see Game make good music and stop emulating the same beef starting marketing tactics that 50 Cent uses. I've been all through Compton, and know some of the Hub City's finest; therefore, I hope Game can put the Hub officially back on the map like Biggie did for BK.

This is how I do!

Friday, December 24, 2004

50 Cent Needs to Respect Elders

Once again, former Nas protege' 50 Cent was found unnecesarily running off at the mouth. Word out of the NYC is that 50 is throwing a few verbal jabs at Jada (who is way iller than 50), Fat Joe (who has equal skills to 50), Nas (who is way out of that kid's league), and Kelis (guilty by association). Apparently, the mumble rap king has issues with Jadakiss and Fat Joe cutting the "New York" track with nemesis Ja Rule. He attempted to debut the cut called "Piggyback" on Funk Master Flex's Hot 97 radio show, but Flex declined to play the joint to keep the peace.

Note to Funk Flex: In Los Angeles, we have a saying that states the law of "Bad news travels fast".

Anyway, 50's reason for going at Nas is that he first had issues with the Streets Disciple teaming with The Inc. a few years ago. Since then, 50 has been throwing little slick comments towards Nas' way, but since Nas already knows that he helped raise 50, he wasn't really tripping on the dude just like he wasn't tripping on Jigga when he first started trying to go at Nas. Therefore, during a free concert at central Park, Nas ripped 50, killing the dude in front of real street cats in New York. So now 50 cent has brought Kelis (Nas' fiance') into the fracas. What an idiot?! Well maybe not, because 50's album is dropping in February, but at the same time, Nas is going to murder this dude in a few weeks, and I mean lay dude to rest. 50 is no Jigga, and even Jigga never really recovered from "Ether".

50 Cent has never been an MC that has gotten by on his own merit. Talk about piggybacking, he came into the game piggybacking with "How to Rob". From there he almost got killed and used that as a marketing tool. Then he lucked up and signed to Dre and Eminem, and from there it has been about dissing The Inc. and a few other rappers who were not that equiped to defend themselves like Domination, Joe Buddens, and Shyne. This time 50 has bitten off more than he can chew. He should've learned from the little homie Game and not try to go at veterans with street cred because you just might get ate up. Because Yukmouth, although not as popular as he was in the Luniz days, ripped Game, point blank. 50 shut up and make records!


Thursday, December 23, 2004

Nas On SportsCenter Trashing Kobe Bryant

Now, I'm at somewhat of a crossroad here. My man Nasir Jones, the illest MC doing it right now, has recently made an appearance on ESPN's SportsCenter dissing top Laker Kobe Bryant. First of all, being an L.A. native, I absolutely love the Lake Show, Shaq or no Shaq. Therefore, I have a problem with anyone taking shots at members of "my" team whether they deserve it or not.

Yes, Kobe is a snitch. Yes, Kobe is a hater. Yes, Kobe is a sucker for love. (Vanessa does run that household) Yes, Kobe needs to learn how to make his teammates better. Yes, Kobe talks entirely too much. With all the facts being stated, I would like to ask Nas to let Laker fans address Kobe issues. That's just like if I know my sister sleeps around, I'm not going to let the next man state that fact, na'mean. I'm feeling the cut "These Are Our Heroes" on the god's new album Streets Disciple, which is the fuel of his fire on SportsCenter, plus it's not "hard to tell" that Nas and Shaq share some sort of relationship with one another because Nas continues to big Shaq up.

When it came to who's my favorite amongst the two (Shaq and Kobe), I would have always chosen Shaq, now that Shaq is no longer a Laker, I have to choose Kobe. You know, I deal with loyalty, especially among the three California sports teams I pull for (Lakers, Dodgers, and Raiders)...Sorry Shaq, u my man and all, the problem I have with you is that I don't like the Heat. And for Nas, you are my favorite MC, and if you would like it to stay that way, stay out of Laker business, period!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Jay-Z New Prez at Def Jam

Is it just me, or is it absolutely inspiring to see a kid from the projects rise through the ranks of the hip-hop world and become the president of the #1 branded label in rap/ hip-hop? Sean "Jay-Z" Carter, a local street hustler turned entrepreneur, who at one time couldn't get a record deal, went from B.I.G sidekick to on again off again King of New York to the new King of Kings of hip-hop labels. (Note: All unsigned acts looking to get signed, have your manager/ or lawyer forward your demo to Def Jam Recordings)

Not only is it absolutely inspiring, it is absolutely the type of material big time Hollywood screenplay writers look for when scripting that new blockbuster film. Word on the street is that Lil Wayne of Cash Money Millionaires has already jumped ship in hopes of working with Hova on a full time basis. Even archrival Nasir Jones (who happens to be my favorite MC in this day and age) has went as far as going on record to publicly squash their long standing beef, while also dropping hints that he would even consider working with Jigga. Hmmm! Very Interesting.

But as with anything positive, there has to be a negative. The new move made by L.A. Reed to make Big Pimpin himself the new Def Jam president has not went without a few riffs in the Roc-A-Fella family. Apparently this move, along with Def Jam now owning the Roc-A-Fella name, has pretty much confirmed rumors that there is "beef" between Jay and long time friend Damon Dash. And unless you have been living under a rock, then you should know that Killa Cam and Jay-Z have never seen eye-to-eye on anything; therefore, the leader of the Dip Set has left Def Jam/ Roc-A-Fella to join his crew over at Koch. Well, enough about what I think at this time, holla back with your thoughts on this new move made by Mr. Reed empowering Mr. Carter