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Monday, March 28, 2005

TI and Lil Flip Beef Goes to Next Level

TI was in Houston the other day after the tour he was on with Nelly and Fat Joe was cancelled (due to Nelly's sister passing) and was airing Lil Flip out on a local radio station. Apparently, TI then proceeded to go to Flip's neighborhood to film a video and was met by Lil Flip and his Clover G boys. Stories conflict, but TI appeared on Hot 107.9 in the ATL and showed a video to DJ Emperor Searcy, which for the most part validated his side of the story that he challenged Lil Flip to a head up one on one fight while he (Lil Flip) was standing on the other side of a vehicle. While TI was challenging him, someone in Flip's camp hit TI in the back of the head. TI had no visible wounds and says he moved passed that beef because he proved what he set out to prove, which is Lil Flip isn't a real G.

Well TI, from someone that has a lot of respect for you, that's the dumbest way to disprove an image upheld by someone. What you did was more in line with getting killed. I know you said you're willing to die for yours, however don't go provoking the issue.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Lil Kim Found Guilty

Lil Kim, who came into her own after being introduced to the world by the late great Notorious B.I.G, has been found guilty of perjury for lying to a federal grand jury. Thankfully she was acquitted of the most serious charge of obstruction of justice. After the verdict, Lil Kim could face up to 20 years in prison, which will not likely happen. According to legal experts, she will most likely get no more than 5 years if that.

Former crew members including Lil Cease are being labeled as snitches for their testimony in the trial, but for the record, they were only telling they jury what they already knew via evidence presented by the prosecutor. Lil Kim claimed she didn't know the shooters in an incident involding CNN and Junior M.A.F.I.A at the Hot 97 studios in 2001. Evidence was presented contrary to Kim's story and she was found guilty of perjury. Let's hope she learns her lesson and also doesn't get that much time.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

R.I.P. BIG, Thanks 50 Cent & Game

First and foremost, Rest In Peace Christopher "Notorious B.I.G." Wallace. It was on this day March 9, 1997 that one of the greatest MC's to ever live was gunned down in Los Angeles, CA. Biggie will always be missed and praised for the legacy he left behind.

Fast forward to March 9, 2005 and you have a kid from L.A. and a kid from the NYC that are looking past their minor dispute and are officially calling a truce for the world to see. Yes after 9 long days of wondering what was going to happen to the face of bi-coastal hip-hop, Game and 50 Cent are squashing their much publicized issues. Only those two know the real motives and underlying reasons for the "beef" and the resolution of the "beef", but whatever the case may be, I am congratulating the two on stepping to the plate like men and squashing this before it got ugly.

Last, and most definately least, 50 Cent's new album has reportedly pushed over 1 million units is a little under a week.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

50 Peacing, Game Beefing

In a recent twist to the Game and 50 Cent Beef, Game has been actively promoting the beef while 50 Cent has been trying to squash it.

This past weekend at Vault 350 in Long Beach, CA Game threw some shots at his former crew members of G-Unit. He explained his version of the shooting incident saying that him and his Blood homies went up to Hot 97 to get at the G-Unit members present and shortly after their arrival, security came out shooting, striking one of his homies. Convential wisdom told me that there was only two reasons that someone got shot that night 1) someone was getting beat up or 2) someone was trigger happy. I guess Game clarified which reason as to why the shooting took place.

Meanwhile, on Hot 97 this weekend, 50 Cent offered an opportunity for him and Game to work their issues out, saying that he wants to make a conscious decision to be nice about the situation. The way 50 Cent worded his peace offering makes it seem as if he is doing Game a favor. Anyway, 50 Cent is doing something he said he would never do, and that is take something back. After publicly stating that Game is across the street and around the corner from him and G-Unit, he is attempting to handle the situation diplomatically. What are his motives? We'll see in the comings days/ or weeks. G-Unit was supposed to have a G-Unit West launch party in L.A. in a few weeks, could it be that he knows where the majority of his album sales come from (California) and wants to be cool with Game so that he doesn't get his Cali pass revoked. I've seen footage of his show at Vault 350 and the crowd was as animated and against G-Unit as Game was. Lets hope no one dies over this!


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Somebody Gonna Die?

It's official. Game is longer a part of G-Unit. In a few short hours on New York radio last night, the whole rap world got turned upside down. In a move that most of us saw coming a long time ago, 50 Cent has officially asked game to stop repping G-Unit. Both parties involved were on New York's Hot 97 radio station at different times. Earlier in the day, Game was being interviewed by Angie Martiniez and was receiving comments from callers telling him that 50 Cent was dissing him, and even got a call from a female that suspiciously wasn't screened by the radio station, and was popping big noise to Game. In a move that also seemed suspicious, Angie Martinez informed Game that 50 Cent would be at the station a little later. Game responded by saying "that's good information Angie."

Angie Martinez was not lying to Game as 50 Cent and the rest of G-Unit (Banks, Yayo, and Oivia) appeared on Hot 97 talking real slick about Game. Whereas Game was more reserved about his comments about 50 and G-Unit, 50 claimed that he wrote six songs for Game and that Game has yet to prove that he can make it without him. 50 Cent also stated that he hasn't spoke with Dr. Dre or any of the Aftermath/ Interscope staff about the issue. To make matters worst, before 50 Cent was finished with his interview, shots were fired outside. Conflicting reports state that a member of G-Unit was shot, while others say a member of Game's Black Wall Street was shot. Regardless, I thought 50 cent and G-Unit was in for a shaking up when 50 Cent took shots at Nas. About a month after the leak of Piggy Bank, G-Unit is not the same. There have also been reports that 50 will be severing ties with Shady/ Aftermath. That fact remains to be seen, but this has the potential to go where no rap beef has ever gone before. 50 Cent is diigin himself a real deep hole right now. He's sold most of his commercial albums in Cali and now he's beefing with Game...he may not be able to go back to L.A.

P.S., As I'm publishing this post, I'm listening to Massacre...and it's wizzzzack...real talk!!!