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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

It's Plain Ole Diddy Now


Sean Combs has done it again, changing his name that is. From Puff daddy to Puffy to P. Diddy to plain ole Diddy.

"To be honest, the unveiling of Diddy, you gonna see that at the [Video Music Awards]," he promised. "You gonna see that in the entrance. You gonna see that swagger. You gonna see how I'm gonna navigate you through the journey. I'mma play my position, my role. The artists are gonna play their role. We're gonna have an incredible, incredible party."

"A lot of my peeps in music been calling me 'Diddy,' so it's not a drastic change for them. But people around the world didn't know what to call me. We was at [Madison Square Garden] rocking with Jay-Z. The last time I was there, half the crowd was chanting 'P. Diddy,' half the crowd chanting 'Did-dee.' We gonna stop the confusion. 'Did-dee. Did-dee, Did-deee!' Simple. To the point and it sounds strong. It sounds like something is about to happen. It sounds like something is about to go down in history."


At 12:53 AM, Anonymous demonsurfer said... sounds like he needs to check his ego.


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