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Friday, October 28, 2005

Jay-Z Declares Peace With Nas at Powerhouse Concert


For approximately a month, Jay-Z has been having the internet going nuts after an interview with Ed Lover, where Hova stated that he would declare war on certain rappers he felt were being disrespectful. Then, the speculation began as to who he would "air out". Many people thought it would be The Game, others thought maybe The Dipset, and others even speculated The G-Unit and 50 Cent. Well for those expecting war, you have to wait at least one more night, as Jay-Z will be performing in Philly tonight, and maybe the City of Brotherly Love won't be so brotherly when Jigga takes the stage. Philly is also known for producing some of the best boxers, and we all now Hov likes to lyrically box with the best of them.

If Jay-Z is to declare war on any one particular MC or group of MC's, he used Thursday night's Powerhouse concert to round his troops up. Jay-Z re-united with The Lox, Beanie Sigel, and Sauce Money before one of the biggest moments in hip hop history took place. As Jay was coming down the home stretch in conclusion of what was already a great show, the "god MC" introduced Nas by saying, "Let's go Esco." "All that beef sh--is done, we had our fun," he said. "Let's get this money." Nas came out and provided the hook to "Dead Presidents" and then went into his goodie bag and performed hits like "New York State of Mind", "It Ain't Hard to Tell", "Made You Look", and "Hate Me Now" with the help of Diddy.

Jay-Z told the crowd that everyone there witnessed history, and were a part of history. Now will the second chapter in this historical weekend for hip hop be as mind blowing as the first when Jay-Z and friends roll into Philly Friday night. Will the City Of Brotherly Love be that, or will it be Jay-Z's secret battle ground.


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