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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Gotti Defense Short Lived, Closing Arguments Begin


In the federal money laundering case against The Inc. (Formerly Murder Inc.), it took the Gotti defense team of criminal lawyers Gerald Lefcourt and Gerald Shargel one witness and a little over two hours to present their case. The lone witness in the defenses' case was former IRS special agent, and forensic accountant John Ryan.

Ryan was hired by the Gotti defense team to examine the Gottis' financial records and bank statements for their personal and business accounts. However, Carolyn Pokorny, the prosecutor in this case, countered Ryan's examinations, and accused Ryan of just examining the records provided by the Gotti defense team. "The bottom line is you did not analyze every single deposit of cash," Pokorny said, before asking Ryan whether he noticed strange patterns in Chris' account deposits.

"Did you not see notations in their own books to the effect that Chris was cashing checks?" she asked Ryan. He said he had; over the course of three years, Pokorny said Chris cashed, on average, more than $100,000 in third-party checks, using his accounts.

The case is expected to be handed over to the jury today, November 16, 2005 after both sides give their closing arguments.


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